Business owners and managers are tasked with keeping their companies relevant and growing. The sad reality is that the majority of business startups will not continue beyond the first two years. Typically it is not a significant problem like a major lawsuit behind a company closure. It is poor leadership choices made day in and day out. Small business owners can avoid making the same mistakes by following these suggestions.

Be Proactive, not Reactive

Reactive managers will solve problems as they occur, but a proactive manager will be on the lookout for potential obstacles and look for ways to avoid or overcome them ahead of time. Proactive managers will work to shore up the financial statements by entering into contracts for optimum financial performance and growth. Consultants can help management to identify critical areas of focus for improving their financial positions. Contact a highly referred consultant or visit this page for more information.

Be Realistic in Expectations

New business owners have a lot to prove and want to win customers by impressing them. While over-promising oneself to customers may help in the short term, it can harm the business in the long term when you either fail to deliver on those promises or get burnt out by doing too much for too little. Be realistic with employees as well. Make sure to appropriately delegate work to employees, but do not micromanage their efforts.

Improve Cash Flow

Cash is king when it comes to a start-up business. Having brilliant plans for a future, or even a key contract coming up in a few months, does not help pay the employees next week. Companies can fail when management is so focused on the future that they fail to plan for today. Improving cash flow should be simple enough. It comes down to collecting cash from customers as quickly as possible and slowing down payments to suppliers as much as possible without endangering the relationship. Set payment terms with customers and enforce them. Be proactive to collect money that is owed.

Time to Grow

Do not be overwhelmed when it comes to improving the business. The problems did not happen overnight, and they will not be fixed overnight. Choose an area of focus and be diligent in your efforts. Be sure to seek outside help from business consultants when necessary.