52 Tools to Inspire Summer Learning with Photo and Video Challenges

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“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud
Many of us have started our breaks. If you have a website, blog, virtual learning site or messaging system like Remind to connect with your learners then you can motivate your students to continue the learning with photo and video challenges. Learners of all ages love taking pictures and videos, especially with their mobile devices. Students are surrounded by science, math, geography, history, and literacy. Often, they just need to be challenged to take a closer look, investigate their surroundings, capture their learning, and present it to others. For any subject you can send your students on learning missions and challenges to capture the learning around them and demonstrate to others what they have learned! This summer I will be publishing my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom, which describes the process of teaching with learning missions in more detail. To encourage students further give them a badge for completing each challenge.
Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning, The 30 Goals Challenge, or Learning to Go. Ask me about training your teachers, [email protected]!
52 Web Tools and Apps
Challenge students to create the following:
Comics using their own photos with Friendstrip and Comics Head.
An explainer video with My Simple Show, Get-Puppet iOS app, Wideo, or Powtoon.
Professional movies, tv commercials, music videos, or movie trailers with RenderForest, Biteable, Open Shot, Moovly, Camtasia, WeVideo, Youtube Capture iOS app, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.
Video slideshows with Kizoa, Photopeach or Magisto. Photopeach has a feature to include a quiz.
Photo quizzes for their peers with their photos using TinyTap app and web tool and Google Forms.
Digital stories with their images. Recommended apps include YakItforKids, Book Creator, Puppet Pals 2, Chatterpix for Kids, and Toontastic. Find Digital Storytelling Projects here.
Digital scrapbooks, which classify plants, rocks, bugs, leaves, or trees. Recommended apps include Google Slides, Book Creator, Edubuncee, Canva, Biteslide, or EduGlogster.
A mindmap with their images using Popplet.
Articles or magazine spreads with their own photos using Sway, Adobe Spark, or Flowvella.
Image word art using Typorama iOS app, PicLits, Lark iOS app, ImageChef and Instant Poetry 2.
A clickable virtual tour or clickable images using Thinglink.
Photo collages or go on a selfie adventure. Click here for a free template or try one of these image editing apps: CamMe, Photofy, Selfit, Group Shot,  Pixlr, BeFunky, Pic-Collage, Pic Arts,  Frame Artist, Muzy, Photo Editor by Aviary, You Doodle, Snapchat, Instagram, and ImageChef.
Challenge: Get your students completing photo and video missions with any of these web tools and apps.
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