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Perhaps you recall that incredible #Edchat with Alfie Kohn acting as a moderator who answered many of your questions about his stance on not giving homework. This #Edchat became the number 5 trending topic on Twitter. Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and I have once again collaborated with Alfie Kohn to have him answer educators’ questions on all his controversial views in the free Edublog community Elluminate room. In a week, you have an exciting opportunity to speak with this internationally renown author live who has been featured on Oprah and the Today show. His 11 books have been translated in several languages. His beliefs make you reflect on the way you teach. In fact, one of the first blog posts I ever wrote, Cooperation vs. Competition, was attributed to my change due to one of his views. I changed my teaching practices and I believe I am a better educator for doing so. We need radical views like Alfie Kohn’s to make us reflect on our teaching styles. Watch the video below to see what Alfie is like live. You may be inspired to join us. For many of you this is a holiday.
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Another video on why do we punish kids?

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What are your views on punishment? Do you believe in giving homework?

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