Couples Twittering for Education- Eric and Melissa Sheninger

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Interview 2 of Couples Twittering for Education
When I first joined Twitter a little over a year ago I was excited to connect with several passionate educators transforming their school environments. One of these educators is Eric Sheninger, (@NMHS_Principal), the Principal of New Milford High School. We finally met at the 140 Conference in LA as part of the education panel. At this conference, I also met Melissa Sheninger, (@Pags21), who is an incredible educator herself. She joined Twitter shortly after the conference.
The Tri-State Educational Technology Conference (TSETC)
Note that this interview took place in January. The reason I’m posting this now is because I want to also share the news about this exciting free technology conference that will take place at Eric Sheninger’s High School on Saturday, October 2nd. The Tri-State Educational Technology Conference, sponsored by Schoology, is a free technology conference taking place in New Jersey. You have till Friday, September 10th to submit a proposal. I highly recommend attending this free conference. Register here! There will even be a free bus provided for those who live in New York.
Interview with Eric and Melissa Sheninger
Background Information: Eric and Melissa Sheninger tweet from New Jersey, USA.
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I had a great time interviewing Eric and Melissa Sheninger. Stay tuned for my upcoming interview withWill and Elle Deyamport (@peoplegogy and @elle_spanish).Check out the previous interview of Couples Twittering for Education- Jo and Phil Hart!
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