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Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 4
One of my goals this year is to continue to support my Personal Learning Network (PLN), especially the new members! One way is to support new bloggers. Let’s face it, we love when we read thoughtful responses to our posts even when people choose to disagree with us. Comments motivate most bloggers to continue blogging. Without my readers I do not know if I would have surpassed the six month mark. I am still aiming for this blog to reach a year young!
Therefore, I started a hashtag for new education bloggers. If you are a new blogger (less than a year-old) or know of a new blog, please leave a link and possibly a Twitter handle with the hashtag #NewEdBlog. Jerry Blumengarten, @Cybraryman1, has worked diligently to help me collect the new blogs on his website. Starred blogs are new blogs. If you are not on Twitter, then just leave the link to the new blog in the comments below and I’ll let Jerry know to add it to his collection!
Leave a Comment on a New Blog
For today’s challenge, I encourage you to  leave a comment on a new blog!  You can be updated with new blogs added to the hashtag, #NewEdBlog, by subscribing to the list I update on Google Reader, New Education Blogs. This is the recent list with links:
A Fly on the Classroom Wall– Teaching can truly be, and quite often is, an amazing experience ….
All Saints Language Blog– French teachers and learners
Amplifying the Learning..knowing “you can’t change the world by whispering.”
ASD Library Blog-News from the Library/LRC
Classroom Chronicles– reflections on  attempts to navigate and incorporate web 2.0 into the classroom
Classroom201x– distilling the Internet
Digital Literacies– digital literacy in education
EduNut– Edu-Stuff in A Nutshell
Integrating the Australian Curriculum Using Web2.0– Trying to come to terms with using ICT and web2.0 in the classroom
My Soup– Thoughts, links, and quotes by @wbasinger
Reading Teachers Online Arsenal– Reading & technology tools with a focus on Treasures reading series
Teaching CS in Dallas– Teaching Computer Science in Dallas, Texas
The New Tag’s Blog– some helpful insight, tools (and sometimes tricks!) for parents, teachers and all of the others that share their lives with young people.
The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness-With new resources for teachers, educators, and students, the Internet should now be used by students to GIVE information. Here is where you will find thoughts, reflections, information, links, and resources to help you in your Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness
The Techno Tiger– The technology blog for Willow Bend Elementary
Victeach’s Blog– Exploring and exchanging new meaning for education – and a little bit about my life too…
What Ed Said– Thoughts from a teacher, a learner, an inquirer… and now a blogger.
If you are a new blogger, then please feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments section so that we can visit and leave a comment!This is one step to accomplishing my long-term goal of commenting on more blogs and supporting new bloggers. In case you didn’t know, several of the links I tweet everyday are blogs in my Google reader. I have added these blogs to my growing list!If you are new to the 30 day Goal challenge then you may want to read this post with more details!Challenge: Leave a comment for a new blogger! Take this a step further and tweet the blog post or subscribe to it!
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This is goal 4 of this series! If you’d like to join the challenge, please read this post!
Don’t forget to leave a comment that you accomplished this goal using the hashtag #30Goals!
What new blog are you excited about and why?

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