Happy Birthday! #Edchat Turns 2!

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#Edchat turns TWO this week!

For the last 2 years #Edchat has been the birth of  conversation for over 2000 educators weekly on how to improve education worldwide! #Edchat has created real change by igniting new projects, adding more educators to the conversation, inspiring over 400 educational chats, inspiring a new school, inspiring a free online conference with over 4000 attendees, and so much more. The conversation began 2 years ago with 3 educators- Shelly Sanchez Terrell, @ShellTerrell; Tom Whitby, @TomWhitby, and Steven Anderson, @Web20Classroom- who desired education transformation and saw the need for educational stakeholders to discuss, debate, explore, reflect, react, and act on various issues which impact education. For this reason, I would argue that #Edchat is one of the most powerful hashtags creating real change in schools.You can engage in the movement by:
suggesting topics on the poll
voting for topics
engaging in the discussion
blogging about the conversations
inviting friends to the conversation
presenting about the educator communities that exist
transforming the conversation into action at your schools
In it’s two years, #Edchat has inspired, motivated, and transform educational stakeholders. We have a diverse group of student teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community leaders who participate weekly in order to collaborate on improving our education systems worldwide!

This was last year’s Wallwisher! Please continue the tradition by adding how Edchat has impacted you!
Helpful Edchat Resources!
Edchat is transformational because of you! Here are helpful resources to become more involved or to help introduce educators to Edchat!

We’d like to thank the following for their weekly dedication to Edchat:
Get another educator involved in the Edchat conversations which take place every Tuesday at 12pm NYC EDT and 7pm NYC EDT! Participate by engaging a few and adding #Edchat to the end of your tweet.
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What would you like to see from Edchat this upcoming year?

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