Make #ISTE2017 Awesome! Go On An Epic Conference Selfie Adventure

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“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud
Today is National Selfie Day. To celebrate I am sending you on a mission to create memorable conference experiences this year and go on an an Epic Selfie Conference Adventure. To complete this mission you will take at least 5 selfie images or videos, which meet any of the challenges listed below. Feel free to come up with your own challenges. Then post these selfies using the conference hashtag and #EdtechMissions. I hope you will complete this selfie adventure with me at ISTE this year. Download a student back to school selfie adventure template here.I write about the significance of selfies for today’s digital learners in my upcoming  book,  Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom. Selfies are an important part of our students’ digital identity and experience and help them humanize their digital experience. By completing the selfie challenges you will step out of your comfort zone, meet new educators, and be able to understand more about our students’ digital culture.
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Selfie Missions
Take a selfie with an author, speaker, or presenter you admire
Take an usie, a group selfie
Take a foodie, a selfie with you tasting the local cuisine
Take a selfie visiting a local landmark.
Take a party selfie! Conferences are packed with events. Take a selfie singing karaoke with friends or simply having a good time connecting with educators.
Take an expo selfies, a selfie with some of your favorite educational vendors. Visiting the expo area will also get you some free swag!
If you’re at ISTE, take a selfie with me and my newborn, Savvy, who will be celebrating her first ISTE!
More Tips for an Epic Conference
Sketchnote the presentations on an iPad or tablet using free apps like Adobe Illustrator Draw, Paper 53, Bamboo Paper, and Inkredible. Use a stylus pen to easily write on your tablet. Find inexpensive stylus on Amazon.
Use a social bookmarking and curation app, like Diigo, Storify, Listly, Educlipper, PearlTrees, Livebinder,  Pinterest, Scoop.It, or Flipboard so you carry your learning with you!
Challenge: Go on an epic selfie adventure!
If you enjoyed these ideas, you may want to get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or my $5.99 ebook, Learning to Go, which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics.

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