New Series: Investigating Global Issues in Schools

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Dear Reader,I am excited to present to you an additional series entitled, “Investigating Global Issues in Schools.” In this series, I have invited educators from across the globe to describe for us the educational systems in their countries and delineate the various challenges they face. Additionally, these educators will let you know how they currently use technology in the classroom and overcome these hurdles. This series will give you a rare chance to step into another educator’s shoes in another country. You will be able to explore what unique problems these educators try to overcome daily. You may also find they face the same challenges you do! Either way we will journey together to classrooms we will never step a foot into in our lifetimes. The experience will be very rewarding. The first journey will take us to my current residence in Germany. Andreas Kalt, a teacher who works in the German school system, will enlighten us on the way the educational system is organized. Moreover, he will provide us with a glimpse of what it is like to teach in a German school. Is the German educational system really different from your country’s system? Stay tuned and find out!
Upcoming Posts in This Series
Currently, I have invited educators from these countries to participate in this series:
United States
If you are an educator from a country that is not represented here, then consider joining the series!
Did you know?
You  can engage in thought-provoking discussions with Andreas (@retemirabile) by following him on Twitter. Just click here to visit his Twitter profile!
Do you want to share your edtech issues? Please contact me to contribute to this series!

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