Social Media: Which Tools?

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Recently, in our morning #Edchat discussion, we discussed how to prevent social media burn-out. Those who participated in the discussion offered several tips on time management and skills to teach students involving social media. Click on the mindmapping link to view some of my favorite tweets from the discussion. You can make this mindmap smaller or larger and move it around.

Which Social Media Tools Should we Use?
During the discussion we also discussed which social media tools to use with students and to recommend to teachers for developing their Personal Learning Network (PLN). Click on the mindmapping link to add to your favorite tools to the list and include a helpful link that describes best practices with that social media tool.

Special thanks to the educators who participated in the discussion and were featured in this post! Add them to your PLN by using Russel Tarr‘s mass Twitter tool. Just copy and paste this list!bonnycastle, pcaggia, esolcourses, tearoof, tipsbytony, digin4ed, eduinnovation, tipsbytony, distance_edu, jgvanides, birdfish, onteaching, nancydevine, tomwhitby, shellterrell
Click on the link to find out how you can be part of the #Edchat movement, a collaboration between Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and me (ShellTerrell).
Make additions to the Mindmap! You may need to send me your e-mail address.
Has a social media tool improved your students’ lives in some way? Please contact me to do a guest piece!
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