Teacher Zen During Distance Learning

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“Zen-Relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change.” – Cambridge Dictionary

Distance learning has transformed the routines and lives of all stakeholders- students, families, and educators. How do we reduce the stress and find some peace and balance? I recently presented for the Minnesota Distance Learning Summit, Teacher Zen During Distance Learning. Below is a video recording of the presentation along with slides, tips, and copyable free resources to help you find some zen. Check out more amazing presentations from the summit here!

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Presentation Slides

Recorded Presentation

Tips and Resources

Focus on the victoriesPositive self-talkCultivate relationshipsStudent virtual check-ins Teacherrebootcamp.com/virtualcheckins✋🏾 Five Finger Student Check-in- 5 🤩- I feel fantastic and excited about learning 4 😃- I feel happy and ready to learn 3 🙂- I feel okay and open to learning 2 🙁- I feel unfocused or tired 1 🤢- I feel bad and don’t want to be herePresentation By Benjamin Friesen, @benjaminfriesenMake wellness and well-being a priority- ✔ Create your Zen ✔ Be active ✔ Take breaks ✔ Get some fresh air ✔ Model well-being for your studentsSelf-regulation coping strategies students can use at school poster Establish routines and schedulesFeel free to copy and edit this oneTip! Edit your notificationsBe flexibleIt takes a village to raise a child- ✔ Co-teach and collaborate ✔ Guest speakers ✔ Mystery classroom visits ✔ Let family members volunteer ✔ Invite parents ✔ Let the students teachZen Design- ✔ K.I.SS Keep it short and simple ✔ Less is more ✔ Give meaningful choices ✔ Make it visually engaging ✔ Create clear and concise instructions ✔ Provide visual guides and tutorialsTake, remix, copy and share!Change your environmentHave fun and be bold!💡Discover more ways to integrate technology effectively by taking one of my fully accredited online courses or get one of my books!

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