Thank You My Awesome Educator Community!

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Thank you so much for being such a supportive Personal Learning Network (PLN)! Your kindness, support, collaboration, and participation have kept me inspired and motivated. In the education field it is especially easy to get stressed and feel you’re fighting a war alone with no appreciation from your government, parents, students, and/or administrators. Thank you for nominating Teacher Reboot Camp (Teacher Boot Camp) and the several projects I collaborate on/ participate in for the Edublog Awards in these categories (just click on the link to vote):
Individual tweeter (@shellterrell)
Individual blog
Resource sharing blog
Teacher blog
Educational tech support blog
Educational use of video / visual
Educational wiki (Technology 4 Kids with Ozge Karaoglu)
Group blog (Cooperative Catalyst)
Influential series of tweets (#edchat, #ELTchat, #eltpics, #ntchat)
Educational podcast (ELTchat podcast)
Educational webinar series (The Reform Symposium, Virtual Round Table Conference, Connected Principals, Edublogs Live, K12 Online Conference, Global Education Conference 2010)
Educational use of a social network (ELTChat, The Educator’s PLN, Classroom 2.0, Connected Principals, EFL Classroom 2.0)
Educational use of a virtual world (Virtual Round Table Conference, Heike Philp’s Slanguages Conference)
Use of a PLN (The Reform Symposium, The Educator’s PLN, Classroom 2.0, Connected Principals,EFL Classroom 2.0, #ELTpics / ELTpics on Flickr, Global Education Conference 2010)
Just being nominated from friends is the best gift possible. You continually share your encouragement and that’s beyond words inspirational and amazing. Visit the Edublog Awards home page to vote in all the categories. Even if you disagree with awards, I think the Edublogs awards makes it easy to spread the word about outstanding projects. Support your friends because spreading the word is what it’s about! Plus, an entire school could definitely benefit by winning the prize of a years free Edublogs Campus subscription. It’s a great way to get students and teachers reflecting through blogging. Even if you don’t vote for these projects I urge you to nominate the projects you follow and participate in because you and your community deserve it. You have till Dec. 14th to vote!If you don’t believe in awards then I urge you to support the bloggers and collaborative projects listed below in these specific Edublogs Awards categories with comments or participation. Definitely, it is your right not to believe in awards but I think we should at least show support in some way to new bloggers, student bloggers, class blogs, and collaborative projects. All these efforts inspire educational change through reflection, the sharing of what does work in education, and action towards educational transformation.
Best group blog
Bridging Differences
Challenge Yourself to Blog
Connected Principals
Cooperative Catalyst
Educational Technology & Change
Infinitie Thinking Machine
I.N.K. Interesting Non-fiction for Kids
Inquire Within
Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning
Just Us Seeking Justice
Learning Round Table
Libraries and Transliteracy
Magic European Shores
SCC English
Tech & Learning
TLN Teacher Voices
The Reading Roundup
The Teaching Palette
Best new blog
About A Teacher
bcnpaul1?s blog
Be Cunning and Full of Tricks
Blogging through the Fourth Dimension
Box of Chocolates
Connected Principals
Culture of Yes
Digital Dervish
Educating Grace
Eliterate Librarian
Emma Herrod
Experts and Newbies
Hack Education
Language Garden
Libraries and Transliteracy
New City Arts
Michelle’s Musings
MrK’s Professional Reflections
Quantum Progress
Reflections of a teacher and a learner
Teaching Literacy in the Early Years
Speech Techie
The Nerdy Teacher
Think Thank Thunk
Turkish TEFL
Upside Down Education
Venture Pragmatist
Walt Gardner’s Reality Check
Webb’s Wide World
Whose Learning Is It Anyway?
Best class blog
2KJ @ Leopold Primary School
[email protected] Leopold Primary School
[email protected]
Bailey Road Team 17
Class 4JC
Extreme Biology!
Billings Beta
Blog, Blog Blog Blog, Blog Some More
Grade 1 and 2 at Ancaster Medow
Into the Wild
Look What’s Happening in Room 102!
Middle Learning Unit BPS
Mr. Austin’s Class
Mr Baldock’s Class Blog
Mr. Salsich’s Class
Mr. C’s Class Blog
Mrs. Kolbert’s Class Blog
Ms Leydon’s Class
Mrs. Yollis’ Class Blog!
Ms Mourad’s Absolutely Sensational Learners
Room 13 – Year 6/7 sharing their learning
Social Voice
TEAM TOA-Shanghai American School, Pudong, Third Grade Blog
Techno Science
The Brainy Bunch’s Blog
The Blog Dogs
The Ins and Outs
The Mac Lab
The Plugged-In Portable
The Ripple Effect
The Skinny
What Happened Today?
Best student blog
Adventures of Life – Grade 7
BB`s awesome blog – Grade 2
Chemistry: It’s “Element”-ary!! – Grade 10
Dhugsy – Grade 9
Emily’s Blog – Year 3
Jacqueline’s Magical Blog!– Grade 7
Jazzing Up Eighth Grade – Grade 8
Jessica’s Fantastic Blog
Grace’s Blog – Grade 7
Haley’s Life – 10 years old
Live To Learn – Grade 7
Millie’s Marvellous Blog – Grade 2
Moo – College Student
My blog! – Grade 9
Rache’s World
Rhiannon’s Blog – Grade 2
scooperlouisen’s Blog
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God!
Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
Best educational webinar series
Classroom 2.0 Live
Connected Principals
Discovery Education Network
Edublogs Live
K12 Online Conference
Math 2.0
ATN Online
Future of Education
Global Education Conference 2010
Tech Talk Tuesdays
The Reform Symposium
The TL Virtual Cafe
Using Emerging Technology to Advance Your School Library Program
Virtual Round Table
Virtual World Education Roundtable
WEMTA Wired Wednesday
World OT Day
Best educational use of a social network
Digital Arts Education
Challenge Yourself to Blog
Classroom 2.0
Connected Principals
Edcamp Philly organizers
EFL Classroom 2.0
English Companion Ning
Fireside Learning Ning
23 Things
Independent Schools Educators Network
Learn German with Deutsche Welle
New Media Literacies Community
The Global Education Collaborative
The Educator’s PLN
Voices of the Gulf
Best educational use of a virtual world
Discovery Island in Second Life
Heike Philp’s Slanguages Conference
International Schools Island
Jokaydia Virtual Worlds Wiki
Quest Atlantis
The 1920?s Berlin Project in Second Life
The Virtual Round Table Conference
Virtual Ability Island in Second Life
Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education
Best use of a PLN
Classroom 2.0
Connected Principals
Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 Class
ECI831 class
EFL Classroom 2.0
#ELTpics / ELTpics on Flickr
Global Education Conference 2010
Intel Education Teachers Engage Community
ISTE 2010 Newbie Project
Music PLN
The Reform Symposium
SMARTBoard Revolution Ning
The Educator’s PLN
Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways series
Leave a comment for some of the student bloggers and new educator bloggers or participate in one of the collaborative projects.
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What are some of your favorite student blogs, class blogs, new educator blogs, and/or education projects you are excited about that weren’t nominated?

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