Video Project Ideas, Resources, and Tools

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Students of all ages enjoy producing their own videos. Each year I meet younger and younger learners who have their own YouTube Channels. Not surprisingly, Forbes reported that the highest paid YouTube star of 2018 was 7 year-old Ryan of the Ryan Toyreviews Channel. This year make a goal of motivating students to share their knowledge through a video project. In my books find lesson plans, handouts and rubrics for creating video projects. Below is a free slide presentation and resources. Feel free to join me this Sunday, December 22, 2019 at 11amET/10amCT/8amPT/4pmUK for a free webinar about video projects hosted by the TESOL CALL Section here. 

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Lights! Camera! Action! Video Projects from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Video Project Tools and Resources

Find free lesson plans and modules to walk students through the process of producing their own films here!Before your students begin creating their videos make sure they consider their audience and know their camera settings.Introduce students to the Rule of Thirds.The process generally includes brainstorming; creating, gathering, and/or remixing content; recording; editing; feedback; final edits and production; uploading and publishing the video; and showing to an audience (class, school, parents, or the public).Storyboards help students brainstorm the characters, dialogue, plot, setting, props, background music, and special effects for their video projects. This is a storyboard template I created for you to copy and edit as you wish!Students can edit their videos with Open Shot, ClipChamp, iMovie, WeVideo (recommended for Chromebooks), Splice (iOS) and VidEditor (Android). If students have smart devices, they will find their camera tool has editing features.Additional free tools and apps for quick video productions, include Biteable, Powtoon, Toontastic,, Plotagon, My Simple Show, Magisto, and Wideo .Remember to get students and parents to sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form.​Discover more video creation ideas by checking out these posts with my student projects:Subscribe for FREE to receive regular updates!

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