What Makes A Digital Portfolio Effective? #Edchat Summary

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6pm CET/ 12pm EST Edchat Summary

Every week, @rliberni or myself, @shellterrell, will be providing you with summaries of the 6pm CET/ 12pm EST Edchat discussions! This week’s #edchat started with a buzz as educators, parents, and learners from around the world discussed what makes a digital portfolio effective. Overall, the general consensus was that digital portfolios are an effective means of highlighting students’ and teachers’ projects and experiences, getting parents involved, establishing a positive digital footprint, preparing for careers, and motivating students to take charge of their own learning. Topic: What do effective digital portfolios look like? How should they be assessed? What needs to happen to move in this direction?
What some #edchat participants had to say…
cybraryman1- I see digital portfolios as repositories of student work in a digital format. #edchatkylepace- Effective digital portfolios must have clear, consistent guidelines. #edchatangelbrady- A digi portfolio shows growth and is reflective of their work. All media (if possible) should be displayed #edchatMissCheska- Educator portfolios, like those of students’, should celebrate and keep track of PD growth #edchat andycinek- Digital Portfolios need to have a scope, show growth and have relevance beyond high school #edchat MrR0g3rs- #edchat technically most important is that portfolio is easily accessible. No use using niche software if no one can view it.technolanguages- #Edchat I did portfolio assessment with a small group of students. But it is really hard work to do it with a class of 25.kanor74- Guidelines are good, but there needs to be allowances for design and creativity, too! #edchatmsstewart- We use student blogs, tagged 4 specific classes & assignments as student portfolios. Used across disciplines-math, Eng, History,etc #edchatandycinek- Digital portfolios need to begin with “Why” and never end, but always be applicable to student growth and development #edchatAtomiClint E-portfolios are a convenient place to collect and share media representing your PD history. We provide them with our 21PD package. #edchatcolport- I am hoping to use e-portfolios to bridge the home school gap AND as a means of showing assessments via e-books #edchatandycinek- I think a combination of Google Docs and Wikispaces. They have worked for me and are always accessible #edchatAmmarMerhbi- Mhara is an open source software that is sever based ( can be linked to moodle , to result in mahoodle) great tool #edchatkanor74- Capzles and This Moment provide chronological embeds or links to show growth or progress on work. #edchatcybraryman1- You have to 1st start with education then employ the technology #edchatjohnmclear- #edchat @kylepace I did kinda put an About Me section on my site, only gets a few clicks per week, has v basic info but does jobjsovick- For year to year use of portfolios I would highly value non proprietary formats. The more open the better! #edchatcybraryman1- I feel you have to concentrate on content first. Dissemination is easy. #edchatrliberni- I think blogs are very flexible and reflect the writer #edchat
Some questions & points that arose:
elanaleoni- @MissCheska-Do you know of any educators that keep track and celebrate student dig. portfolios? #edchatetutoria- I would like to start my ePortfolio as a teacher. Some tricks and tips? #edchatMrR0g3rs- @kylepace @andycinek what is a good software for tracking growth? Google Docs tracks revisions right? xackr- @andycinek Why use a USB stick? Why not give each student a gmail account and let them use Google Tools as lifelong digital stash #edchatcharlie1312- currently eportfolio problem = too many alternatives! Livebinders is good, but I think google apps / docs is better? #edchatkylepace- @andycinek I was going to say something similar. Why wouldn’t a wiki work? At what age should this begin? #edchatelanaleoni- What’s the most important part of an edu e-portfolio? Having a blog, LinkedIn, Twitter? #edchat
Links that were shared:
andycinek- My student protfolio vision http://bit.ly/5gMyrK #edchat cybraryman1- Ditial Portfolio sites: http://cybraryman.com/teachertools.html #Portfolios #edchatMarisa_C- #edchat What can you put in a portfolio – some ideas http://tiny.cc/DtINaBlythe_Musteric- @ShellTerrell I really like your digital CV! Very nice! http://bit.ly/4B48XU #edchatAmmarMerhbi- Google sites is a great eportfolio tool Check out Dr. Helen’s http://bit.ly/5CeVQZ 4 resources on google sites andstudy articles #edchatMarisa_C #edchat Here is another useful site http://eduscapes.com/tap/topic82.htm Note: Read the entire transcript by clicking on @jswiatek’s archive
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