What You May Have Missed in October…

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I hope you moved your clocks an hour behind. Perhaps you have been busy organizing your classes, carving pumpkings, or dressing up this month! If so, you may have missed some of the tips, resources, and tools shared on Teacher Reboot Camp.
What you might have missed…
Your favorite posts this month based on comments and overall traffic:
Learning Beyond Walls: 28 Resources for Your Students to Connect Globally– Are you thinking of having your students connect with students in another country? Check out these tips and free resources for getting your students to collaborate with their peers worldwide!
Survival Tips for Teaching Kids English: 30 Tips and Resources– Are you new to teaching children or struggle with classroom management? Check out these free resources and my Pecha Kucha video! You’ll laugh, relate, and possibly find some great ideas to inspire the little angels in your classroom 😉
My personal favorite post this month was, How a Whisper Becomes a Roar– What do we need for education transformation? I believe we need educators, parents, and students in our social networks to collaborate and share our ideas in order to be heard. Collectively, if we collaborate, we have a pretty powerful voice that should lead education transformation.
My Favorite Tech Tools, Apps, and Resources This Month–
Wiggio– I will definitely blog about this fantastic free tool for collaborating on group projects. Included are calendars, updates, scheduling, a virtual video meeting place and so much more! I love this tool!
Wetoku– Are you enjoying the interviews? I use a free tool, Wetoku, to conduct and embed the interviews. This is so easy to use and I love the side by side cameras.
Story Robe App– With this free app students create a story on the Iphone or Ipod Touch by using pictures or videos they upload. Then the students narrate the story with their own voice and publish it on Youtube or email the story to their parents, teachers, or others.


My Guest Posts!

Guest Posts

My Wikis and Presentations:
We Connect– Updated! This is my PLN wiki where you will find several resources, tutorials, videos and more on helping educators join a PLN. Please feel free to use the resources in your presentations on PLNs and social media.
Technology 4 Kids– Updated with new resources for Digital Storytelling and integrating Mobile Learning to help language learners!

Other NEWS!!
Thanks to American TESOL I will be conducting free 30 minute online workshops on various topics every Friday at 4pm EDT (New York Time), 8pm GMT:– Using Wikis to Integrate Effective Online Tasks for Learners, Nov. 5th– Cooperative Learning to Motivate & Effectively Manage Young Learners, Nov. 12th– Enriching the Young Learner Classroom with Drama Tasks, Nov. 17th– Using Graphic Organizers to Enrich Discussion, Nov. 26thThis is the Adobe Room that you can join http://americantesol.adobeconnect.com/terrell
I will be presenting at the TESOL France Conference in Paris from November 26th-28th. I will be presenting, Global Class Projects: Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom.

Thank you so much for your support of my free 30 Goals Challenge E-book. Nearly 4000 of you have read it and I am truly grateful! Download your free copy here, print it out, share it with your staff! Join our new Facebook Group, 30 Goals to receive support and mentorship! Thanks to Lisa Dabbs, @teachingwthsoul, for her help in co-moderating this group!
Please feel free to use any of the resources shared here or in the wikis because the ultimate goal is to get other educators involved in our PLN.
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