You Are Invited to 4 Free Education Technology Webinars!

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Tomorrow I will be conducting 4 free webinars on mobile learning and education technology thanks to Simple K12. I am their Spotlight presenter for the day! We will go live tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24th, from 1pm to 4:30pm NYC time. Each is only 30 minutes and we will give 30 minute breaks in between. Join us for free resources and tips for effective mobile learning and education technology integration! Below is a list of the topics and a link for you to register for free to attend.Bringing Your Textbook to LifeA textbook is one of the many tools teachers use to help support learning. However, all too often, students see it as boring because of the amount of text they have to read and the static exercises they have to answer. In this webinar, Shelly Terrell will show how you can bring a textbook to life and engage your students with it! Participants will walk away with at least 10 ideas for using a textbook to effectively support our students’ learning journeys.Register here: time zones with 10 Tips & Ideas for Using Google Plus with LearnersPerhaps you’ve heard the buzz about Google Plus but weren’t sure if it was suitable for your classroom. In this webinar, join Shelly Terrell as she discusses some of the multimedia and collaborative learning tools within the Google Plus platform. These features make it a great learning platform that supports online discussion, collaboration, and group work in a way no other tool does. In this presentation, discover some of the cool features of how to use this tool with your learners.Convert time zones with worldtimebuddy.comRegister here: Collaboratively with Free Web ToolsThe Web is full of great free tools that help and encourage our students to collaborate on projects. As educators, we have seen how learning with others helps engage students and benefits them cognitively. When students collaborate successfully and emulate effective teamwork, they accomplish and often surpass their goals. Join Shelly Terrell as she covers various free Web platforms that support effective collaboration and team work. Discover tips and lesson ideas for effective, meaningful collaboration.Register here: time zones with worldtimebuddy.comProject Based Learning through Mobile DevicesEducators have realized the impact of hands-on learning for engaging and motivating learners. When students learn through projects they are able to integrate research. Various mobile devices have several features that motivate learners to create stories, videos, mindmaps, and more to share with their families and peers. As an educator, discover lesson ideas to implement in the classroom and ways to evaluate projects on mobile devices.Register here: time zones with

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