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What Do You Know Residential, Industrial and Commercial Painting?

Painting is basically explained as the application of paint or pigments or colours onto a solid surface which is commonly referred to as a support base, by employing the use of a brush, or other objects such as sponges and knives or airbrushes.

If you want your school, social hall or hospital painted, you might as well consider engaging the services of a commercial painting firm since they also contract other experts in the field but of a different specialty in order to complete the job within the expected timelines.

Residential painters are the go-to guys if you just moved in to a new house, or built your own and are looking to have a personal touch, as they will guide you and work with you in order to come up with the best paint formation to suit your needs.

Industrial painters habitually work primarily in the painting of structures or industrial commodities, construction and manufacturing, with most industrial painters having an industry specialty, such as house painting, automotive painting or machinery painting thus making them a more general lot.

With a greater experience using a wider range of materials that include concrete, stucco and metal, commercial painters often come out as having a bigger scope of materials to borrow from, as they go about their painting jobs, thus implying that they are equipped.

Residential painters, on the other hand will ultimately work best with materials used in home-building like wood and siding since their work is not as extensive as that of commercial and industrial painters who deal with a variety of materials and painting conditions.

While most of the residential and commercial painters may not be as occupied, industrial painters have an everyday duty of maintaining equipment, preparing surfaces and painting materials in order to ensure smooth work flow in their major specialty of construction and manufacturing and therefore have to maintain a clear and elaborate work schedule.

Even as they seek the services of other firms as reinforcement, commercial painters will always show up to the site with their own equipment that they immediately need, thus are able to work before sourcing for extra equipment, all this for the client.

A home is generally smaller than a business and thus calls for the services of an equally small-scale painter who is able to single-handedly work with the client to design a concept and replicate it in actual terms properly and creatively.

Industrial painters are in a stricter field of work than residential painters and therefore, just like commercial painters, they are required to have vast experience in their field, and have the ability to work within time frames unlike residential painters.

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