How to Write a Speech for Student Council

If you’re wondering how to write a speech for student council, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re running for student council president, vice president, or another position, the process is the same, but there are a few key differences between running for student office and being elected as a member of a political […]

How to Campaign For Student Council

Before you start promoting yourself as a candidate for student council, you should think about your platform. Are you offering free food? Perhaps this is unrealistic. Your campaign platform should be in line with the needs and wants of the campus community. Remember that every subgroup of students has different needs and wants. This is […]

How to Win Student Council

Become a student representative in your school by crafting an effective campaign and message. As a student leader, you must have a vision for the school and be able to communicate that to fellow students. Here are some tips to help you win support: Get your message out to supporters Before you get started, you’ll […]