Do you want to know if Iruma joins the student council? Read this article to learn more! This article outlines the events that took place when Iruma was pushed over the edge by his teacher. It also outlines the contract that he forms with his teacher. After this event, readers will be able to identify whether Iruma will join the student council or not. There is a surprising twist that will leave you scratching your head.

Ameri wants to talk to iruma

The story of Ameri’s attempt to convince Iruma to join the Student Council begins when Iruma accidentally wears a girls’ shirt and pants. After Iruma explains his mistake, Ameri convinces him that he made a big mistake, and that he should go back to school and join the Student Council. If Iruma joins, she will prove to Ameri that she is not a cross-dresser.

iruma is kicked over the edge by his teacher

When Ameri discovers the new student on the student council, she decides to invite him on a date, but soon realizes he’s far too strange to date. Iruma, on the other hand, is attracted to Clara’s strange appearance and immediately falls in love with her, despite her unusual abilities. Clara, meanwhile, teaches Iruma about her ambitious streak, and Iruma learns that she’s a pushover when it comes to love.

iruma joins the student council

In the episode ‘Ameri Joins the Student Council’, Ameri, who was the former president of the club, is elected to become the Student Representative on the Student Council. However, she lacks the confidence to accept the position. She fears that if she fails, she will become a laughingstock and the Student Council will be vilified. As such, Ameri considers becoming a normal student instead. Iruma tries to console Ameri, saying that this is an ideal she should strive to achieve.

iruma meets a girl

Ameri has been watching Iruma for some time, so she decides to ask him to go on a date. The two end up spending time together, and Iruma thinks this is an ominous sign. After a date, he goes to a girl’s only tea party, where she insists that she and Iruma talk about relationships. Clara then reveals that she has a crush on Iruma, and a little later asks him to marry her. The two end up going to bed and Iruma realises that he belongs to the demon society.

iruma meets Asmodeus

Asmodeus’s face appeared as he crossed his arms, and Akane tilted her head to the side in surprise. When she finally turned to face Asmodeus, she dispersed the flames around her and looked straight into his eyes. She was waiting for Iruma. Akane and Asmodeus exchanged glances. Iruma’s expression shifted to one of confusion and relief.

iruma meets Sullivan

At the Battler Party, Iruma and his friends prepare a firework display that will frighten the students and teachers. However, they are suddenly apprehended by Demon Border Control. As a result, they must flee for their lives to reach the Battler Party in time. Sullivan, who had been planning to give a presentation about the Battler Party, is arrested. While he is in custody, he decides to appoint Sullivan as his temporary school director. The staff is surprised by the situation and wonder why Sullivan is in prison.

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