Find the Right Tool to Inspire Your Learners

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Part of the December 2020 STEM Resources Digital Calendar!

The good news is there are thousands of digital tools and apps (many free) to support teachers, students and families. The bad news is there are thousands of digital tools. Teachers need to quickly find the right tool to meet their students’ needs and means. The websites below have search engines to narrow down the choices along with short descriptions and reviews. This way you search for a tool that works on all student devices, is easy to use for the age group you teach, within your budget even if this means free, and accomplishes the goal (formative assessment, storybook creators, comic book creators, math tools, books online, etc.).

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Find the Right Education Technology

Common Sense is an incredible website full of free resources and tips for parents, teachers, and students. One feature is a free search engine for education tools and apps with teacher and parent ratings and reviews.Edshelf is a search engine for web tools and apps with teacher reviews. You can filter by price, platform, subject, age, and category. No registration is required, but if you register for a free account then you can save your favorite web tools and apps to virtual shelves.The Edsurge Product Index lists thousands of tools and has a search engine for filtering through the choices.On TeacherRebootCamp or you can search for recommended free tools for a project and find lesson ideas (comics, poster, games, infographics, grammar, Math, etc.). I also share tools on Twitter, @ShellTerrell.Search for teacher recommended web tools and apps on these websites:Twitter is where I discover many tools teachers recommend! These are the hashtags I recommend following:Subscribe for FREE to receive regular updates!

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Digital Advent Calendar

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