Find the Right Tools for Student Projects

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Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar!

The majority of our students use technology daily to learn and share their voice, creativity, ideas, and passion with the world! When we integrate technology effectively into the curriculum students discover how to use technology to problem solve, create, and better their future and world. Before students embark on any digital project, you need to find the right tools. Below are some websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts where you can find ways to integrate technology effectively using free web tools and apps.

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Places to Find the Right Tool!

Edshelf is an amazing search engine for teachers to find the right web tools and apps to meet their needs. Filter by price, platform, subject, age, and category. No registration is required, but if you register then you can save your favorite web tools and apps to a virtual shelf.Common Sense is also a search engine for education tools and apps with ratings and reviews.You can also check out the various tools and apps teachers have created in their Digital Bloom’s graphics. This post here has 20 of these visuals.In addition to doing a search for a type of project (comics, poster, games, infographics, Math, etc.) on TeacherRebootCamp or, you can search for teacher recommended web tools and apps on these blogs/websites/Twitter accounts:Subscribe for FREE to receive regular updates!

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