Goal: Start an Adventure

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Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 3
One of my long-term goals is to create new adventures for myself! For the past six months, I have been through some amazing journeys and met some amazing people, because I said yes and participated! These include traveling to Paris, Berlin, and Poland for conferences and meeting my Personal Learning Network (PLN) face-to-face. Saying, “Yes!” has resulted in many opportunities I never knew existed and I have learned so much. Everyone has something to offer and the way social media works is you have to participate and volunteer. Many of my family members thought I was crazy to do this, but now they are extremely supportive and joke of living vicariously through me.
Start Your Adventure
Several projects, including this challenge have surfaced. To complete this task, just join one! The challenges are free. Here are a few I recently joined:
The #30Goals 2010 Challenge on this blog
The 365 photos a day challenge on Flickr- To join, create a Flickr account, search for one of the 365 groups, look at their rules, then take at least 1 picture a day and post it! I joined the 365 Second Life group. Read more about other members of our PLN completing this challenge:

For professional development, you may want to join one of TESOL’s free Electronic Village Online sessions. These are free online 6 week courses that start January 11th and end February 21st. You have until January 4th to register. You can choose from several courses that include:

Find many more opportunities in Burcu Akyol’s post Opportunities for Becoming a Digitally Literate Teacher in 2010
You don’t have to do anything that relates to social media. Instead, try training for a marathon, joining an exercise class, learning a new language, attending dance classes, or other adventure. Just sign-up for something to meet this goal. The small step is the sign-up, but the larger goal is to complete the adventure!
Start an adventure by signing-up for at least one course, marathon, challenge, and so forth!
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This is goal 3 of this series! If you’d like to join the challenge, please read this post!
Don’t forget to leave a comment that you accomplished this goal using the hashtag #30Goals!
What other challenges have you read about?

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