Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources

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In the picture above you can see a great friend of mine, Emma Herrod, and her son who have video-conferenced with my classes and workshops. When the teachers in my last workshop interviewed Emma via Skype about our interaction through Skype they were excited about technology. Most of the teachers had been reluctant towards technology but Skype is one of those fantastic free tools that gets teachers new to technology motivated to try the technology. For this reason, I love to show teachers and administrators Skype. Skype is one of the top tools I introduce to teachers, administrators, and my students. This tool has tremendous learning potential, is free, easy to use, and has incredible buy-in.
I have been fortunate to have people in my Skype network who will Skype with me at the spur of the moment or make themselves available for my various classes in Germany. This year I have been fortunate to Skype in the following ways:
Emma and her son Skyped my class of 5 year-olds. Her son taught my young language learners how to make an origami box.
Emma also Skyped my adult learners to answer their questions about the UK elections and to teach them British idioms.
Steven Anderson has Skyped my administrators, teachers I’ve trained, and adult classes. Topics usually include what makes a great Skype lesson and the ideas for integrating Skype in schools.
Matthew Farber‘s sixth grade class Skyped my adult class and answered questions about the differences between Germany and the US.
Candace Townsley‘s sixth grade class Skyped middle school students, my director, and toddlers about the Wild West.
I have Skyped with several educators to train them online or their staff. Please feel free to ask me to Skype with your staff! I love doing this!
In the process of training teachers to integrate Skype effectively with their classes and using Skype to get my German students to interact with students worldwide, I have found several incredible resources. Feel free to share these resources with other teachers. Consider showing Skype to teachers taking the first steps with technology and who may be very reluctant to try integrating technology in their classrooms.
Skype in Education
Technology 4 Kids Wiki: Skype ResourcesUsing Skype at School (The Dummies Series)Skype in School Wiki50 Ways to Use Skype in the ClassroomStudent Inter-school Debating with Skype by Lois SmethurstGiving Students Skype Jobs by LangwitchesSkype an Author Wiki10 Ways to Use Skype in the ClassroomMotivating Adult Learners: Skype an Expert
Finding Classes to Skype
List of Classrooms Ready to SkypeWant Ads by Classes Wanting to Skype for Specific ProjectSkype Other Classrooms- List by Sue WatersEPals Global Community
Recording Skype Sessions
Automatically Recording Skype Calls with MP3 Skype15 Apps for Recording SkypeUsing PowerGramo
More Resources
Improving Skype Calls by Sue WyattHow to Produce Video Interviews for Your Blog With SkypeUsing VuRoom to Hold A Skype ConferenceMake group video calls with up to 10 people with the new beta version of Skype for Windows
Langwitches Presentation: Around the World with Skype
One of the best Skype webinars I have seen! Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano’s Presentation, Around the World with Skype!

Try any of these resources and blog about your experience. Blogging helps you reflect and decide how you can apply this learning to improve your instructional methods.
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What are your ideas for integrating Skype into the classroom?

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