STEAM It Up for Struggling Students! 15+ Resources

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“It isn’t that they cannot see the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.” – GK Chesterton
Find the slides, tips and resources for my presentation, STEAM It Up for Students!
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Teachers often share resources with these keywords- Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM/STEM)
Step away from the book!
We tend to get too caught up in teaching with books or slides. Instead, get your students interested in the lesson through any of these types of instructional methods: multimedia, visual aids, screencasts, hands-on learning, sensory learning, TPR- total physical response, graphic organizers, role-plays, visual aids, realia, flashcards, pair work/group work, storytelling, diagrams, foldables, gamification, flipped learning, labeling, magic, games, problem/project based learning, drama, finger plays, QR codes, mindmapping and notetaking.
With technology, students can create mindmaps, comics, eportfolios, digital stories, podcasts, videos, movie trailers, radio shows, blogs, scavenger hunts, infographics, multimedia posters, infographics and more!
Top Literacy Tools & Apps- Google App (click here for Google resources),, and free iPad app,, Grammarly, Quizlet iOS/Android Apps, and Google Templates
Empower your browser! Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and free bookmarklets and extensions to help students research, translate documents, define words, correct their grammar, cite resources, and more! Recommended ones include- Read & Write, Draftback, and Cite This for Me!
Get to know them! Here’s my Google Survey template.
Get them to brainstorm through sketchnoting and mindmapping! Find plenty of mindmapping and notetaking tools and tips here!
Use graphic organizers! Find plenty of graphic organizer tools and tips here!
Create a virtual learning space with Edmodo, Schoology, Weebly, Wikis, blogs, or other social media tools
Engage parents. Check out my survival tips for engaging parents!
Teach with comics! My favorite tools are Makebeliefs, ToonDoon, and Comics Head. Find more here!
Teach with poster tools and infographics like- Buncee, Canva, Tackk, Thinglink, Blendspace, and Piktochart
Get students to visualize their learning with social bookmarking and curation tools like Diigo, Pearltrees, Storify, Pinterest, Livebinders, and Educlipper. Find more resources here!
Get them to experiment!
Learn through cooking! Find science recipes here.Students can learn math, science and literature while helping feed others by creating cookbooks. I recommend using BookCreator, Issuu, Slipp.It, or Google Docs. Enhance the cookbooks by getting students to include short how to videos, images, or audio clips of interviews explaining the science, history, traditions or origins of the recipe.
Learn through games. Find resources here!
Make it mobile! Find resources here. Recommended apps include BookCreator iOS/Android App, Educreations, and Evernote.
Click any of the boxes to visit the resource!STEAM STEM, by shellyterrell
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