What You May Have Missed in November…

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Perhaps you have been busy organizing your classes or preparing for the end of the semester! If so, you may have missed some of the tips, resources, and tools shared on Teacher Reboot Camp.
What you might have missed…
Your favorite posts this month based on comments and overall traffic:
Educators as Collaborators: 25+ Resources– Are you thinking of having your students collaborate in teams? Check out these tips and free resources for getting your students to collaborate with their peers in their classroom or worldwide!
Education Needs Reflective Educators– Read about the Blog 4 Edu (The Blogging for Education project) project, a Twitter account (@Blog4Edu), wiki, Posterous blog, and Facebook page to help support bloggers, blogging projects, and blogging challenges. Our vision is to persuade as many educational stakeholders worldwide to blog.
My personal favorite post this month was, Sharing Our Voices & Reaching Our Audience– In order to get buy-in from other educators, our administrators, and the general public, we have to show them the impact of our online professional development on our teaching and the impact on the students. We need to communicate our passion effectively. We have to persuade, convince, and change minds. Changing minds means we have to get folks to listen. Therefore, I’m collaborating with other educators in starting a virtual Toastmasters to improve our speaking skills! Our first meeting will be on Saturday, December 18th at 12noon EST, 9am PST, 5pm GMT, 6pm Paris, 7pm Athens/Istanbul, 2pm Argentina Time! Enter the Elluminate room here, https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/jwsdetect/dropin.jnlp?sid=vclass&password=LPCBZLAT4D3Y921591JT! Thanks to Edublogs and Elluminate for the opportunity! Fill out this form if you’d like to receive updates or help organize the event!
My Favorite Tech Tools, Apps, and Resources This Month–
Posterous– The easiest way to blog through e-mail. Watch a video tutorial here!
Dragon Dictation– I work on so many projects, it is awesome I can use this app to give my fingers a rest and speak my tweets, emails, and blog posts. It’s a free iPhone app!


My Guest Posts!

Guest Posts

My Wikis and Presentations:
Blog4Edu– Several Blogging resources! If you need help gaining a wider audience or would like to have a crew send anonymous feedback on how to improve your blog please visit this great project!
We Connect– Updated the ELT page! This is my PLN wiki where you will find several resources, tutorials, videos and more on helping educators join a PLN. Please feel free to use the resources in your presentations on PLNs and social media.
Technology 4 Kids– Updated with new resources for Global Collaboration and Drama Resources!

Other NEWS!!
Thanks to American TESOL I will be conducting free 30 minute online workshops on various topics every Friday at 4pm EST (New York Time), 3pm Austin, TX, 1pm LA, California, 9pm London Time, 10pm Paris Time, 11pm Athens, Sat 8am Sydney time, and Sat. 6am Tokyo time.:Join me in this Adobe Room at the time http://americantesol.adobeconnect.com/terrell

Thank you so much for your support of my free 30 Goals Challenge E-book. Over 4000 of you have read it and I am truly grateful! Download your free copy here, print it out, share it with your staff! Join our new Facebook Group, 30 Goals to receive support and mentorship! Thanks to Lisa Dabbs, @teachingwthsoul, for her help in co-moderating this group!
Please feel free to use any of the resources shared here or in the wikis because the ultimate goal is to get other educators involved in our PLN.
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