In student council, the historian is responsible for keeping track of all activities of the club. The advisers expect the historian to write detailed descriptions of events and write both positive and negative comments about them. The historian should also keep a scrapbook with a variety of photos and items from the club’s meetings. In addition to keeping records, many historians also scan photos and write descriptions for scrapbooks. The job description may be a little different for each club.

Job duties

The job duties of a historian in student council are many. This person needs to be well-versed in the activities and events of the student council, organized, accurate, and dependable. The student council historian may not be the only student elected to this role, as the vice president or a member of the executive board may also take on the role. In large student councils, there may be an historian, as well as an historian-elect, who helps the primary historian.

The job duties of a historian vary greatly, but are typically similar to those of an editor. A historian’s duties can include database analysis, writing reports, updating social media, preparing monthly newsletters, and coordinating cultural events. Additionally, this person may also be responsible for verifying the enrollment of scholarship winners. As an example, a historian’s duties may include analyzing historical documents and preparing them for the publication.


A student council historian should be detail-oriented, have computer skills and be knowledgeable about the student council’s activities. His or her job is to document important events by taking photos and writing notes. The student council historian can also help maintain the student council website, preserve historical materials, and conduct research on historic places and people. A student council historian should have a strong knowledge of people, historical periods, and historical concepts. The job is highly rewarding, but it is not for everyone.

In addition to being a student council member, historians can work on campus by working with different organizations. Many organizations have historians in their staffs. As a student, you can join the Historical Society and serve on their executive board. Become a member of their organization for free! You’ll have access to a library of historical materials and a list of past events. A membership with NCPH is free and can help you get a job in a school or university.


In a student council, the historian is responsible for collecting and preserving all records of past events. As the historian, you will be required to write up detailed descriptions of events and record both positive and negative remarks. You may be asked to keep a scrapbook, or even scan photographs for your scrapbook. Some councils even have historian-elects. In any case, you should enjoy this job, and make it a point to keep the records.

There are many ways to make a video about history. Producing a video that demonstrates the life of a local historical figure is a great way to preserve history. You can use the recordings to educate local groups, such as historical society organizations. You can also use collected oral histories for source material. The finished videos can then be produced for very low costs and distributed throughout the community. And since the production costs are low, you can make copies of the videos for free. This will help you spread the history of the community.


As the student council’s historian, you will document student council events and meetings. You may take notes, photos, and even maintain a journal. Your job also includes conducting historical research about people, places, and concepts. In addition, you will need to have excellent writing and computer skills. To be a student council historian, you must enjoy working with people and have a good command of history. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented and organized.

As a student leader, you will be representing the student body. As such, you will be expected to put in long hours and be available to answer students’ questions. A historian’s role is a critical one for student governments, and the responsibility is huge. While the job is not glamorous, it can be very rewarding. The salary of a student leader is low compared to the salaries of other student leaders.

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